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Do me a favor and listen to the first few minutes of BDB’s 2013 show “Warped.”  


In the 1995 show that became known as “A Drum Corps Fan’s Dream,” the Madison Scouts kept the audience in such a state of frenzy that according to one commenter, “the crowd should have just stood up the whole time.

As a former instructor of the Scouts quipped

They’re gonna be dancin’ in the aisles.


Crossmen unis
July 12th, 2014

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Yes we are alive! We have both been quite busy this summer-Alyssa is working two summer jobs and I recently graduated college and began a full time job.

This week is our show-DCI East! I will be posting a night 1 recap, but I am unable to go to the second night because I have tickets to see Billy Joel, so Alyssa will post her recap of the night! I like watching shows from the start of the night, while Alyssa likes going in the lot. We will take lots of pictures!

As a reminder we take submissions! We also take requests, but those may take longer to fill.

Here’s to hoping the season finishes out on the dry side!

DCI Dallas - 7/21/14 - Scores


World Class

1. The Cadets: 92.400

2. Bluecoats: 91.100

3. Carolina Crown: 90.400

4. Blue Knights: 86.100

5. Madison Scouts: 83.250

6. Crossmen: 81.650

7. The Academy: 75.250

8. Jersey Surf: 70.700

9. Cascades: 67.900

Open Class

1. Genesis: 67.100

Scores from DCI San Antonio!

Popolo di Pechino! Any man who desires to wed Turandot must first answer her three riddles. If he fails, he will be beheaded.


Brian Gregg, euphonium, Madison Scouts 1986-1990: 

We weren’t thinking championship; we were hoping that we could just finish the season ahead of the Velvet Knights. We had been beaten by Phantom Regiment, The Cavaliers, Garfield Cadets, The Blue Devils, and Santa Clara Vanguard. There was no reason to think we would be top five, let alone contenders for the championship. 

[DCI Finals 1988: Madison Scouts, 97.10, World Champions]

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